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  • A legless pellet stove inserts designed in a way that it fits inside the fire openings are known as pellet stove inserts. These are suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, and mobile homes. The wood pellet inserts operate in the same way as the wood or pellet stoves with the same efficiency and use the same type of fuel, but the only difference is with installation and venting.
  • A pellet stove insert burns compressed wood for creating heat for residential and industrial spaces. As built-in models, some of this inside of pellet stove inserts are inserted into the frame openings while others can fit into the existing fireplace.
pellet stove inserts
  • Since both pellet and wood stove inserts are highly efficient as it has circuit boards, thermostats, and fans working together, making it the best and useful device. It uses flexible liner systems when installed into a prefabricated fireplace. The pellet stove inserts have several benefits: it is easy and safe to operate, inexpensive, cost-effective, and environment friendly.
  • Pellet inserts do not have horizontal venting options as they are restrike to vertical venting. There is a need for electricity for performing any operations as it lacks a gravity-fed system due to height limitations. There are various models available that can heat up to 2000 sq ft of area. Running the pellet stove insert requires a 120-volt power supply.
  • many customers who have chosen a pellet stove insert in their rooms, do a pellet stove work? With a pile of wood placed underneath the heater pipe (it can also sit in the chimney). The wood has a natural oxygen barrier but still needs to be heated to combust. A thin layer of sawdust works as a catalyst to speed up the process. You only need a small bit of wood and a pellet stove.

Here is a list of pellet stove inserts available

1.  Breckwell Blazer SP24I

Breckwell is one of the leading brands of the pellet stove, and Breckwell Blazer SP24I inserts are one of the first pellet stove inserts. This product is designed very well with medium black flashing, a black cowl, and a beautiful matte black door. This pellet stove insert is a direct vent insert that one can install into the existing fireplace.

The door frame is available in gold and nickel finish looks. It can produce more heat compared to others. It is convenient as it has vital pad control and is thermostat ready. It is not only good looking but also a durable product. 

pellet stove inserts


  • It has a viewing window allowing users to enjoy the flames as pellets burn. 
  • It comes with an electronic LED keypad allowing users to change the operating temperature of this heater easily. 
  • It comes with an auto-ignition system making it easy to use. 
  • This stove insert comes with five different heat operating ranges. One can set the temperature as per needs.
  • This stove insert comes with a 60-pound pellet hopper, and there is no need to refill it again.


  • The insert has natural color making it easy to fit well in most of the homes. 
  • One can install it easily in the modern fireplace. 
  • It offers an excellent heating range. 
  • The size of the hopper is unique, and the insert comes with several finish options. 


  • The product is small but expensive. 
  • It has a narrow bin entrance.

2. Napoleon Tpi35 Direct Vent Pellet Insert

It is one of the best quality of pellet stove insert and is an excellent choice for the people. One will be impressed with this stove once it has installed. It is easy to install it in the existing fireplace, thus saving the cost of installation. It has excellent fuel flexibility as it can operate with 50-50 percent of corn and pellet, respectively.

There is a need to refill hopper every day as the capacity of the hopper is small. It is available at an affordable price. It is an EPA certified product that means it can produce more heat with less fuel. 


  • The pellet stove insert comes with a 45-pound pellet hopper, and there is no need to refill it again. 
  • It comes with a viewing panel allowing users to enjoy the flames. 
  • One can enjoy clean and safe air in the home as it comes with a digital control panel allowing the air wash function to operate with the touch of a button.  
  • This stove creates a warm atmosphere as the  120 CFM bower fan effectively and evenly distributes heat in the room.
  • It can provide 25 to 35 hours of continuous burning.


  • The pellet stove inserts work quietly and are easy to operate. 
  • It has an elegant and classic design.
  • It requires minimal maintenance. 
  • It is easy to install and has an efficiency rating of 76 percent.


  • Due to the shape of hopper pellets don’t fall into the stove. 
  • The capacity of the shop is small as compared to other products.

3. Timberwolf Economizer Pellet Insert 

It is small and one of the beautiful stove. It can produce considerable heat though it has a small size. It is of excellent quality and high efficiency, and the furnace design is a combination of traditional and modern heating. The back of the insert is in the fireplace while the rest sticks out. It has a dual blower system that helps to increase heat distribution. It is one of the best products at a high price made up of durable cast iron. 

pellet inserts


  • It comes with 2-55CFM blowers that distribute the heat evenly in the room, keeping it warm.
  • It can provide continuous heat up to 39 hours as one full load can last up to 30 hours.
  • This stove insert has a hopper capacity of 45-lbs. They are providing enough heat. 
  • It has an efficiency rating of 86 percent. 
  • The cast iron door is equipped and has a high-temperature ceramic glass that’s heat-resistant, providing a great view of the flames inside of the firebox.


  • It has a small design due to which it can get fit in most of the fireplaces.
  • It can provide constant and steady heat, as well as easy to install. 
  • It has a stylish look and can fit most of the home design. 
  • It has a super value with a digital system adaptable. 


  • It is not as fuel-efficient as compared to other

4. Breckwell P2000I Pellet Insert

It is one of the best and right looking pellet stove insert with excellent efficiency. It’s a matte black insert with a 3-inch flue exhaust pipe and 2-inch fresh air pipe. The surround and the face of the supplement are beautiful steel grey, and the gold accents add elegance to it. It has glass openings on three sides.

The stove can produce a lot of heat quickly, and it’s easy to get started due to its automatic ignition switch. One need just fill it up and push the button and can be used easily in one go. 

best pellet inserts


  • This pellet stove insert has a hopper capacity of 60-lbs. We are providing enough heat. 
  • It has a digital controller with five heat settings giving an option of adjusting the heat as per weather or season. 
  • It has a large capacity of Ash drawer, which makes it easy to clean. 
  • This pellet stove insert  P2000I is an  EPA-certified and burns about 2 grams of pellets per hour.
  • It comes with an autoignition feature making it easy to ignite and is thermostat adaptable. 


  • It is easy to operate digital control. 
  • It cools down quickly after the turnoff. 
  • The fan adjusts automatically to provide consistent heating. 
  • It is easy to clean.


  • It has a narrow bin entrance. 
  • It lacks a thermostat. 

5. Napoleon NPI45 Eco Pellet Insert 

It is one of the best pellet stove inserts available in the market. The stove is perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and even mobile homes, and it comes with advanced technology and is one of the efficient heat exchangers. One should make sure that they follow all of the clearance restrictions for a safe burn.

The pellet stove inserts have a CFM convection blower system with an air wash system with a convenient auto ignitor. It comes with four fail-safe systems and is one of the affordable stove inserts. 

pellet stove inserts installation


  • The pellet stove insert has an auto auger and igniter, which makes it easy and quick to fire. 
  • It has 45lbs of a hopper but still can last for 45 hours. One can easily enjoy two days of heating without a need to refill it. 
  • The stove comes with a warning light also to intimate that there is no pellet in the hopper. 
  • The burn pot cleans itself automatically every 60 minutes and is easy to clean as the Ash had collected in the Ashpan. 
  • It comes with a built-in heat exchange cleaner rod that has used to maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of heat exchange tubes.


  • It is easy to maintain as it has a hinged door, which makes it convenient to access the combustion chamber for routine maintenance. 
  • It has an elegant and classic design. 
  • It works quietly makes less noise as compared to others. 
  • It can be top or rear vented, and it can install as a zero clearance model in a framed cavity.


  • It requires constant maintenance. 
  • It lacks a thermostat.

6. Summer’s Heat 55-SHPEP Evolution Pellet Insert 

It is one of the high rated pellet stove inserts. It designed in a way that can easily fit into pee fabricated or Mansory fireplaces. It is one of the EPA certified pellet stove insert and has a clean burn. One needs to buy high quality of pellet, and it is stoving covering all essential factors like Superior warmth, convenience, and beauty. It is a mobile home approved as a free-standing unit. The stove is long-lasting with seven gauge baffles. 

small pellet stove inserts


  • It comes with a one-touch ignition design convenient for most of the users and user-friendly control boards. 
  • The stove has a  bay design with large viewing glass to view the beautiful flames. 
  • It provides high heat output but is designed in a way the emitting the lowest amount of emissions. 
  • The window will remain clean for a longer time due to the air wash system. 
  • It has a 45 lb hopper capacity holding enough fuel for overnight burn approximately 75 hours.


  • It has a large viewing glass that helps to view the beautiful flames and has designed elegantly. 
  • It is highly efficient with a rating of  75%
  • The stove has an auto-ignition feature that allows quick start-up and is easy to ignite.
  • It is easy to clean as it has an easy-access ash drawer and side panels.


  • It requires a pellet of high quality to work. 
  • Fake wood gives it an artificial look. 

7. US Stove Multi-Fuel Fireplace Insert

It is one of the sophisticated pellet stove inserts that evolved in the market. This fireplace insert utilizes biomass pellet fuels and is best for the users. The other type of fuel it can use are the pellets made from corn, cherry pits, and more. It has an efficiency rating of 78 percent, and the pellet inserts have a feed auger system to improve performance and safety.

It is one of the safer and functional qualities of pellet stove inserts. The American Harvest Multi-flue Insert is a combination of convenience and comfort for bringing warmth and ambiance to home and hearth settings. 

best pellet stove inserts


  • It has a 60 lb hopper capacity, and burning time is depended on the type of fuel used. 
  • It comes with a digital control panel with an LED display allowing to monitor the pellet stove inserts.
  • It has built-in diagnostics to Test, operates, and startup.
  • It has an agitator on the burn pot for preventing the build-up as biomass pellet fuels may cause clinker to build up.
  • It comes with five-speed and five blower settings.


  • It is an EPA-approved stove insert, which means it produces more heat by less fuel, and pellet fuel used is environmentally friendly. 
  • It is easy to clean as it comes with a removable ash pan. 
  • It requires less refilling as it has a large hopper. 
  • It is easy to install and is mobile home approved if used with a with use of fresh air kit.


  • Sometimes it can make too much noise.
  • The opening of the hopper is small.

Working of pellet stove inserts

The most substantial distinction is the ventilation requirements, and it’s a vertical ventilation system. It utilizes a mechanical auger for drawing on bullets out of the hopper to the burn chamber. The Ash falls to a tray underneath while a grid retains the pellet set up. Subsequently, lit the pellet using the igniter, and oxygen has provided into the fires with the assistance of a combustion enthusiast.

Additionally, it assists in controlling the heat output over the burn champers. There’s a heat exchanger found, and the pellet heats the atmosphere in the room. The end moves to space utilizing these types with the assistance of a convection fan. With the fever system’s support, the warmth assessed, and it’ll shut down the pellet stove inserts if there’s an overheating.

Benefits of Pellet stove Inserts

Good efficiency 

The pellet stove inserts have high efficacy concerning the creation of warmth, and it’s vital than any wood stove because it is just 10 percent of electricity is missing. More Pellet burns better than logs generating less Ash.

Pellet stove consumes manmade pellets made from wood chips in the back yard of his home City crews said residents near city streets were allowed to use fireplaces, stoves, grills and similar devices for the first time this season, but could not use ovens.

Easy and powerful Ash elimination

The pellet stove inserts arrive with Ashtray, making it effortless to eliminate Ash and wash.

Better control

An individual may adjust the temperature with the assistance of remote management in many versions.

Simple to operate

All these are simple to operate and enables a broad selection of burn functions.

Hopper and improved functionality

The duration of burn time extended by including a hopper extension, that can be used to grow the quantity of greenhouse gas hopper can hold since there’s not any requirement to refuel it.

Important Factors before buying pellet stove inserts

Various fireplace pellet stoves have inserted in the market, and one should consider multiple factors before buying this pellet stove.

1. One should check whether installing the pellet stove is easy, and a manual guide has provided. 

2. One should determine the size of Both pellet and traditional wood stove like the front opening, width, and height. 

3. The price of the pellet stoves. A standard pellet stove inserts cost between $1000 and $3000, excluding the installation and pellet costs. 

4. The size of the room, larger the room, more powerful pellet stove insert is required. 


These were the pellet stove inserts available in the market. There is a need to be careful while selecting pellet stove inserts. One should know each and a very detail of the pellet stove inserts and fireplace also before buying it. Napoleon NP145 recommended one as it can generate high heat of 42000 BTU can heat the space to 2000 sq ft area. It comes with an auto-ignition feature, and it is easy to start the fire. Automatic cleaning and ceramic glass view are alps the element that makes it a preferable pellet stove insert. 

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  1. While searching for prices on rocket stoves, this collapsable stove came up. To be clear, it’s not a rocket stove but it is a packable, storable wood stove that can be useful in camping. My wife’s comment on first seeing it was “cute. Breckwell Blazer SP24I and Timberwolf Economizer Pellet Insert this two are good for normal use.

  2. A great little pellet stove is good in summer, this morning I had to go out in the enclosed veranda and seal a few more areas of the veranda from the rain and cold. It was about 32 degrees out there. I gave the heater about half an hour to warm it up and it was pretty comfortable enabling me to do a great job getting the veranda ready for the winter months.

  3. My personal experience with this mini pellet stove is it heats up pretty quickly but if you want it to heat up a large room I would recommend leaving it on for 5-10 minutes before you see a significant difference. Make sure to turn on both switches to access the full wattage.

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    #2 Breckwell SP24I (Best Pellet Stove Insert)
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  5. I bought the comfortable HP22 in March of 2016. The stove has worked hard, almost continuously for 2 1/2 Massachusetts winters in my 1/2 finished basement,this is the best wood stove.

  6. I purchased this pellet stove after careful research on the internet and having read many customer reviews. Once installed, the first several days, the pellets were burning a little bit too cool and residue would build up in the burn pot.

  7. I bought the comfortable HP22 wod burn in March of 2016. The stove has worked hard, almost continuously for 2 1/2 Massachusetts winters in my 1/2 finished basement without a problem ,Keep in mind this all took place when North Carolina was getting hit with the ice and snow

  8. The cleaning of the stove is a breeze. I ended up buying an ash vacuum to make the job that much more simple and that was worth the $40 or $50 I spent on it, pellet stovse is the best choice for my family.

  9. This stove is amazing. Who wouldn’t want a stove that you push the power button and watch it light it self? I was hesitant to buy it with no reviews online but it has exceeded my expectations,meet the right choice.

  10. this type of pellets wood sto definitely makes a difference in temps. This is super easy to clean/maintain, simple to run, puts out great heat, is relatively quiet, and appears to be well built. quality well and good.

  11. this is my first pellet stove/insert and it has exceeded my expectations. At my former house, we had a coal insert that put out a lot of heat and I thought I’d miss it. We were not expecting this to heat anything like that but it does surprisingly well in my 3000+ sq ft house,this fit my need.

  12. I purchased this pellet stove after careful research on the internet and having read many customer reviews. Once installed, the first several days, the pellets were burning a little bit too cool and residue would build up in the burn pot,it is a very quiet stove.


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